Drones threaten more than privacy now….

The use of drones to attach U.S. citizens has received quite a bit of attention but not much by way of critical commentary putting into the larger perspective of morality and constitutional law. This short article of mine in The Washington Times helps to move the conversation in this direction.

Here is a brief excerpt:

Fear is now a stronger motivation among the American people than liberty and justice. Motivated by fear, the American public looks the other way while government officials use drones to kill U.S. citizens. Americans are told drones must be used in the name of security. Some elected officials also sincerely fear another terrorist attack on the United States from Islamic terrorists. While that fear is justified, allowing it to overwhelm constitutional limitations on executive and military authority does more damage than any terrorist ever could. If the Constitution is pushed aside in the name of security due to fear, then we have already destroyed one of the things that makes the United States worth protecting.

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/feb/17/a-little-fear-is-a-dangerous-thing/#ixzz2LDSjk3Qe
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