Academic Writing

For a full list of publications please see my cv.

A Lesson in Politics from Mark Twain (Arator, 2012)

Macrolevel Consent (Publius, 2012)

Lessons from the Crito (Polis, 2009)

The Link between Judicial Independence and Administrative Staffing (Journal of Law and Politics, 2009)

The Impact of Common Law on Judicial Decision Making (International J. of Punishing and Sentencing, 2007);dn=961907914980821;res=IELHSS

We Hear You Knockin’ but you can’t come in (Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal, 2008),%20But%20You%20Can’t%20Come%20In%20The%20Supreme%20Court’s%20Application%20of%20Common%20Law%20in%20Cases%20of%20Knock%20and%20Announce%20Entry%20(PDF),%20by%20Matthew%20A.%20Kern%20and%20Kyle%20A.%20Scott.pdf


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